Cocktail Menu

7 days a week starting at 11.30 am, the service & kitchen of Mr. Sammi are ready to go and all dishes from the menu are served.

Op dit moment voeren wij een aangepaste kaart. Zodra we weer (normaal) open mogen, kun je genieten van al jouw favoriete Mr. Sammi gerechten!



  • Cecina de Leon 5,95 / 11,75

    Lightly smoked & dried beef ham

  • Jamon Iberico Cebo 11,50 / 22,50

    Spanish dried ham
    Aged 18 to 24 months

  • Chorizo Iberico 4,50 / 9,00

    Hand-tied ham with garlic and pepper

  • Charcuterie Mix 16,95 / 32,95

    Cecina de Leon, Chorizo Iberico, Coppa Capolli

Small bites

  • Steak tartare 5,75

    Crostini, anchovy mayonnaise, parmesan crispy

  • Indian Style Pork Belly 5,75

    Amaranth, papadum, masala, yoghurt curd, cucumber, sweet and sour tomato
    (+ option coriander)

  • Croquette of Parma ham and Parmesan 6,50

    Homemade with curry mayonnaise

  • Mr. Sammi's tostada 5,50

    Tuna, wakame, wasabi mayonnaise, sweet and sour onion

  • Oyster (per 2) 6,50

    Red wine vinegar with shallot, shiso vinaigrette lemon, lime

  • Gin & Tonic Oysters (per piece) 4,95

    Gin tonic pearls, gin tonic marinade, sweet and sour cucumber, cucumber cress


  • Bitterballen (8 pieces) 6,50

    Mustard, mayonnaise

  • Mushroom bitterballen (8 pieces) 5,95

    Truffle cream

  • Olives 3,50

    Home marinated olives

  • Bread & dip 5,75

    Red hummus, aioli, basil pesto

  • Cheese from boer Piet 6,95

    Dutch crumbled cheese, truffle honey

  • Fried mussels 4,50


  • Crayfish croquette (2 pieces) 7,95

    Homemade with aioli

  • Mr. Sammi aperitivo 16,75

    Charcuterie, bread & amp; dip, crumbled cheese, fried mussels



  • Sammi's special 10,50

    Special cocktail that can vary by day or week.
    Ask your waiter what the bartenders have in store for you today

Fresh & Fruity

  • Single & ready to Mango 11,50

    A cheerful and fruity aperitif with flavors of gin, mango, vanilla and a light bubble of prosecco.

  • Bloody Mary 11,00

    The classic Bloody Mary with a twist, spiced tomato juice and vodka with a celery foam topping to complete the cocktail.

Fruity & Complex

  • Brasil Smash 10,00

    A fresh cocktail perfect for those warmer days on the terrace. It is somewhat reminiscent of a mojito but yet it remains its unique cachaça flavor.

  • Cherry Bulleit 12,00

    A whiskey cocktail where 3 main flavors meet each other; cherries, chocolate and whiskey.

  • Mai Tai 12,00

    This is a Tiki, a rum cocktail with a hint of amaretto. Elaborately decorated as a Tiki should be.

Sweet & Fruity

  • Pornstar Martini 11,00

    Our sweet vanilla passion fruit cocktail. Known and coveted by many. Highly recommended!

  • Summer Lemon Pie 11,50

    For those who cannot choose between dessert or a drink. This cocktail is a drinkable lemon pie with merengue.

  • Sjlok Sjlok 10,50

    Like candy in your glass, sweetness of the cotton candy and fruity due to the cranberry.

  • Beer is Anasasessary 10,00

    A fruity cocktail that has nothing to do with beer except for appearance. A cocktail of pineapple and rum topped with coconut foam.

Floral & Fresh

  • Pink Rain 10,50

    A floral highball, very fresh and with a subtle hint of orange and violets.

  • Basil Highball 12,50

    A fresh and floral aperitif with basil and a slight bitter of elderflower tonic.

Round & Complex

  • Aged Negroni 11,00

    A distinct cocktail with a strong bitter, barrel aged gin provides a complex tasting experience.

  • Coca Quila Old Fashioned 12,00

    An old fashioned tequila. The tequila is pre-infused including orange, lemon and coffee. This gives you a very complex taste.

Creamy & Coffee

  • Creamy Iced Coffee 9,50

    As the name suggests, this is a creamy iced coffee with salted caramel, Bailey's and espresso

  • Espresso Marlimi 10,00

    This variation on the espresso martini is all the addition of lemon making the cocktail a lot fresher.

Alcohol Free

  • Coffee Shakerato 0.0% 8,75

    A tasty coffee cocktail with orange, ginger and citrus.

  • Pink Invader 0.0% 8,50

    Fruity, sweet cocktail with flavors of pineapple, strawberry and vanilla.

  • Crodino Fizz 0.0% 8,00

    Fresh summer cocktail with crodino, pineapple and ginger beer.

Gin & Tonics

  • The Aged One 11,00

    Gospel barrel aged gin, Fever Tree clementine tonic, orange and koriander cress.

  • The Pink One 9,50

    Gordon's Pink Gin, Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic, red fruit

  • The Winning One 11,95

    Roku gin, Thomas Henri tonic, lime and ginger.

  • The Third One 12,50

    No. 3 London dry gin, Fever Tree tonic and grapefruit.

  • The Belgian One 12,95

    Filliers gin, Fever Tree elderflower tonic, flower and lemon