Cocktail Menu

7 days a week starting at 11.30 am, the service & kitchen of Mr. Sammi are ready to go and all dishes from the menu are served.



  • Cecina de Leon 5,95 / 11,75

    Lightly smoked & dried beef ham

  • Jamon Iberico Cebo 11,50 / 22,50

    Spanish dried ham
    Aged 18 to 24 months

  • Chorizo Iberico 4,50 / 9,00

    Hand-tied ham with garlic and pepper

  • Charcuterie Mix 16,95 / 32,95

    Cecina de Leon, Chorizo Iberico, Coppa Capolli

Small bites

  • Steak tartare 5,75

    Crostini, anchovy mayonnaise, parmesan crispy

  • Indian Style Pork Belly 5,75

    Amaranth, papadum, masala, yoghurt curd, cucumber, sweet and sour tomato
    (+ option coriander)

  • Croquette of Parma ham and Parmesan 6,50

    Homemade with curry mayonnaise

  • Mr. Sammi's tostada 5,50

    Tuna, wakame, wasabi mayonnaise, sweet and sour onion

  • Oyster (per 2) 6,50

    Red wine vinegar with shallot, shiso vinaigrette lemon, lime

  • Gin & Tonic Oysters (per piece) 4,95

    Gin tonic pearls, gin tonic marinade, sweet and sour cucumber, cucumber cress


  • Bitterballen (8 pieces) 6,50

    Mustard, mayonnaise

  • Mushroom bitterballen (8 pieces) 5,95

    Truffle cream

  • Olives 3,50

    Home marinated olives

  • Bread & dip 5,75

    Red hummus, aioli, basil pesto

  • Cheese from boer Piet 6,95

    Dutch crumbled cheese, truffle honey

  • Fried mussels 4,50


  • Crayfish croquette (2 pieces) 7,95

    Homemade with aioli

  • Mr. Sammi aperitivo 16,75

    Charcuterie, bread & amp; dip, crumbled cheese, fried mussels



  • Sammi's special 10,50

    Special cocktail that can vary by day or week.
    Ask your waiter what the bartenders have in store for you today

Fresh & Fruity

  • Single & ready to Mango 11,50

    A cheerful and fruity aperitif with flavors of gin, mango, vanilla and a light bubble of prosecco.

  • Bloody Mary 11,00

    The classic Bloody Mary with a twist, spiced tomato juice and vodka with a celery foam topping to complete the cocktail.

Fruity & Complex

  • Brasil Smash 10,00

    A fresh cocktail perfect for those warmer days on the terrace. It is somewhat reminiscent of a mojito but yet it remains its unique cacha├ža flavor.

  • Cherry Bulleit 12,00

    A whiskey cocktail where 3 main flavors meet each other; cherries, chocolate and whiskey.

  • Mai Tai 12,00

    This is a Tiki, a rum cocktail with a hint of amaretto. Elaborately decorated as a Tiki should be.

Sweet & Fruity

  • Pornstar Martini 11,00

    Our sweet vanilla passion fruit cocktail. Known and coveted by many. Highly recommended!

  • Summer Lemon Pie 11,50

    For those who cannot choose between dessert or a drink. This cocktail is a drinkable lemon pie with merengue.

  • Sjlok Sjlok 10,50

    Like candy in your glass, sweetness of the cotton candy and fruity due to the cranberry.

  • Beer is Anasasessary 10,00

    A fruity cocktail that has nothing to do with beer except for appearance. A cocktail of pineapple and rum topped with coconut foam.

Floral & Fresh

  • Pink Rain 10,50

    A floral highball, very fresh and with a subtle hint of orange and violets.

  • Basil Highball 12,50

    A fresh and floral aperitif with basil and a slight bitter of elderflower tonic.

Round & Complex

  • Aged Negroni 11,00

    A distinct cocktail with a strong bitter, barrel aged gin provides a complex tasting experience.

  • Coca Quila Old Fashioned 12,00

    An old fashioned tequila. The tequila is pre-infused including orange, lemon and coffee. This gives you a very complex taste.

Creamy & Coffee

  • Creamy Iced Coffee 9,50

    As the name suggests, this is a creamy iced coffee with salted caramel, Bailey's and espresso

  • Espresso Marlimi 10,00

    This variation on the espresso martini is all the addition of lemon making the cocktail a lot fresher.

Alcohol Free

  • Coffee Shakerato 0.0% 8,75

    A tasty coffee cocktail with orange, ginger and citrus.

  • Pink Invader 0.0% 8,50

    Fruity, sweet cocktail with flavors of pineapple, strawberry and vanilla.

  • Crodino Fizz 0.0% 8,00

    Fresh summer cocktail with crodino, pineapple and ginger beer.

Gin & Tonics

  • The Aged One 11,00

    Gospel barrel aged gin, Fever Tree clementine tonic, orange and koriander cress.

  • The Pink One 9,50

    Gordon's Pink Gin, Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic, red fruit

  • The Winning One 11,95

    Roku gin, Thomas Henri tonic, lime and ginger.

  • The Third One 12,50

    No. 3 London dry gin, Fever Tree tonic and grapefruit.

  • The Belgian One 12,95

    Filliers gin, Fever Tree elderflower tonic, flower and lemon